London, Paris, Bruges

Over Thanksgiving week, the Franklins and Yourishin families decided to do one last couples only trip across the pond before children. Granted, Caylee was already pregnant and the doctor advised not to travel following the trip. So it ended up being #cayleesbabymoon.

Where to go with a limited timeframe? Airfare dictated the first city. $250 flights from Denver to London and Brussels to Denver. Purchased! Next? What filler locations can we also include? Paris and Bruges. If you haven’t heard of the little town of Bruges, google it, take a trip, and tell me that it isn’t one of the coolest medieval towns in Europe! Well known for its Beer and Chocolate, Bruges is a must visit!



The city of Love!



Canals, cobbled streets, and medieval buildings give a resounding image that one has just time traveled back to the dark ages and must now peddle your wares in the Burg (town square).

Take a stroll along the canal. Every local will tell you the exact same route. It’s gorgeous sightseeing, romantic atmosphere, and allows for stopping at a restaurant, brewery, or shopping.

Bier! Belgium Beer

Chocolat! Belgian Chocolate is world reknowned and the best place to get it is in Bruges. There are three master chocolatiers in the town and we were directed to seek out the little shop called Pur Chocolat.


Short and sweet! Our train arrived around 7pm and we disembarked to walk the 6 blocks to our hotel. After checking in, Hangry wasn’t a term to be used lightly.