4Runner Build



Why purchase a Toyota 4Runner? I live in Colorado! That’s why! I have only ever owned 4Runners, only selling them to upgrade to a much nicer model; Off-roading in Colorado is a popular activity; The weather can turn from sunny and 70 degrees to snowing and 30 in the amount of time you need to make a sandwich; And with all the fun outdoor activities, I need to be able to haul all my toys to the mountains! Needless to say, a 4Runner purchase was necessary for living in this beautiful state.


I fell in love with the Gen 5 4Runner at the 2014 Denver Autoshow (where coincidentally I met my wife, Megan, and first thought of my proposal plan to her). The Inferno Red of the TRD Pro caught my eye and my heart was set. This thing was badass! Everything from the rims of the tires, the leather seats, the upgraded front bumper, and the off-road capabilities pushed it above the rest.

Limited edition color for each year’s TRD Pro.

2015 TRD Pro: Inferno Red (orange)

2015 Inferno Red -TRD Pro

2016 TRD Pro: Quicksand

2016 Quicksand -TRD Pro

2017 TRD Pro: Cement

2017 Cement -TRD Pro

2018 TRD Pro: Cavalry Blue

2018 Cavalry Blue-TRD Pro

I began my search in the spring of 2016 (March)  on Craigslist and checked out an inferno TRD Pro that was listed for $43,000 and 10,000 miles. Talked the seller down to $41,000 but still couldn’t pull the trigger as I was worried about the KBB price range. These vehicles hold their value much higher than KBB estimates, so don’t listen to that bologna. As I write this article, I’m still finding online that 2015 TRD Pro’s are going for $40,000+ with many more miles. Should I have pulled the trigger on the Inferno? Maybe, but at the time I was not knowledgeable enough about the vehicle I was looking to purchase to know that 41 was a great deal.